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DinoRock - A Musical for Kids

Written by

Aaron Blackledge

Directed by

Performed at

Aaron Blackledge

Gryphon Theatre

Produced by

Kapitall Kids Theatre


Directing, Lighting, Sound, Design, Producing

In DinoRock: A Musical for Kids, a dinosaur rock band learns to work together and appreciate everyone's talents, because everyone has something to bring to rock and roll. Rock out on the DinoPit 

“The glorious thing about theatre is you can bring together species of dinosaur, cavemen and 21st century technology that never would have been side by side, and I don't get any sense from this young audience that this line up of dinosaurs, with close
friendships between the herbivores and carnivores, is anything unusual. As my 5 year-old says, “Itʼs a show to learn kindness and science.”

- Jo Hodgkins, Theatreview

DinoLand is overheating, and the only way it can be stopped is if all of the volcanoes erupt at once through the power of rock music’s vibrations. Enter DinoRoar, the best dinosaur rock band there is! With very little time left and the band unsure of their song choice, things are only made worse when the bass player Snarl decides she wants complete control and decides to steal the instruments and hide them.

Will the band be able to find their instruments?

What song will they decide to play?

Can DinoLand be saved?

Rock out on the DinoPit dance floor with the best dinosaur rock band in town and help save the day!

Production Team


Aaron Blackledge

Music Director

Michael Stebbings


Kira Joesphson



Lauren Simpskin


Jonny Ogg


Caryl Illana


Patrick Barnes

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