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Ellie and the star

Written by

Simon McArthur

Directed by

Performed at

Aaron Blackledge

Gryphon Theatre

Produced by

Kapitall Kids Theatre


Directing, Lighting, Sound

Ellie is a young girl who dreams of being the first New Zealander to travel into space. One night she is playing with her telescope in the garden when she sees a bright object shoot of out the sky: a fallen star!

"The performers, directed by Aaron Blackledge, all give connected and energetic performances as they portray their very distinctive characters."

- Jo Hodgson, Theatreview

Ellie runs off in search of the star, who turns out to be much more than Ellie had imagined, and together they set off to find a way to get the Star home to the night sky. On their way they cross paths with the noble Knight Owl, an adventurer and guardian of the forest, who is sworn to help those in need. The Knight Owl has a plan to help the Star, but to achieve it the trio must travel deep into the forest to the lair of the wicked Wind Wolf where Ellie’s courage, intelligence and imagination will be put to the ultimate test…

Production Team


Simon McArthur


Natalie Wilson


Aaron Blackledge

Music Director

Lauren Simpskin



Lauren Simpskins

The Sky Wolf

Hamish Boyle

The Star

Natalie Wilson

The Knight Owl

Darryn Woods

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