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Mousing around: A Disney singalong Adventure

Written by

Lauren Simpkins & Aaron Blackledge

Directed by

Performed at

Aaron Blackledge

Gryphon Theatre

Produced by

Kapitall Kids Theatre


Directing, Lighting

Mousing Around is an interactive Disney concert for kids and adults alike. Join the performers and live band in over 18 numbers from singalongs to showstoppers; from Cinderella and Mary Poppins to Frozen and Moana.

“Director Aaron Blackledge and musical director Lauren Simpkins have hit on a great concept to creatively weave about 25 songs from the Disney movie musical catalogue together.”

- Jo Hodgkins, Theatreview

 Whether it's during the day with little ones or at night with nostalgic friends, Mousing Around will tell three stories around the themes respect, friendship, and dreams.

Production Team

Created by

Aaron Blackledge & Lauren Simpskin


Natalie Wilson


Aaron Blackledge

Music Director

Lauren Simpskin


Ellie Stewart

Hamish Boyle

Catherine Zuler

Will Collins

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