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Ordinary Days

Written by

Music and lyrics by Adam Gwon

Directed by

Performed at

Cassandra Tse

Gryphon Theatre

Produced by

Backyard Theatre


Lighting, Producing

A sheet of paper blown by the wind; a book left on a park bench; an article in a magazine: in Adam Gwon’s poignant original musical ORDINARY DAYS, these everyday objects have the power to influence our lives in ways we might never have expected.

"...frequent leaps in time and space throughout the show
that are executed effortlessly, thanks to both
excellent use of space and a clean lighting design by Aaron Blackledge."

- Aimee Smith, Art Murmurs

The show follows four New York transplants as they try to find connection and purpose in a “hundred story city” – harried graduate student Deb is tracking down her lost thesis notes, while Warren, an oddball wannabe artist, just wants someone to notice him. Meanwhile, Claire is having second thoughts about her boyfriend Jason moving in with her, a year into their relationship.

With a complex, memorable score and lyrics that range from hilarious to heart-breaking, this intimate musical theatre work celebrates the messy reality of human relationships and explores the joy and pain of living a little life in a big city.

Production Team


Adam Gwon

Set and Costume Designer

Aaron Blackledge & Cassandra Tse


Cassandra Tse

Lighting Designer

Aaron Blackledge

Stage Manager

Sam Burnard

Musical Director

Michael Stebbings



Michael Stebbings


Laura Louch


Brigid Boyle


Martin Tidy

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