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Sword in the Stone

Written by

Aaron Blackledge

Directed by

Performed at

Aaron Blackledge

Gryphon Theatre

Produced by

Kapitall Kids Theatre


Directing, Lighting, Sound, Design, Producing

These school holidays Kapitall Kids Theatre presents The Sword in the Stone, written and directed by Aaron Blackledge.We all know the Arthurian tale about the sword that was magically placed into the stone and the one who could release it would be the true king of England.

This story follows a young boy named Arthur as he journeys into the heart of the forest in order to find the legendary sword, and help Merlin the Magician, find the true king. Along the way, he and his new friend, Hex (a beautiful girlish spell made by Merlin) encounter many tests to prove their worth as leaders, tests of bravery, kindness and decisiveness.

Production Team

Writer & Director

Aaron Blackledge

Music Director

Natialie Hunt


Kira Joesphson



Eric Mazzie


Caryl Illana


Olivia Daniel

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