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The Fairytale Cookbook

Written by

Jason Geary

Directed by

Performed at

Jennifer O'Sullivan & Aaron Blackledge

Gryphon Theatre

Produced by

Kapitall Kids Theatre


Directing, Lighting, Design, Producing, Sound

Welcome to the world of the Fairytale Cookbook, a place where the wonders of imagination mix with the magic of theatre to cook up unique stories to inspire and entertain.

“Anything that inspires adults and children alike to stay connected with play, having fun and using their imaginations even before the action begins, has to be a winning formula.Kapitall Kids Theatre has a great track record of keeping these ingredients in mind with their shows and in this holiday show season they have added flavour to this recipe with a mostly improvised show called The Fairytale Cookbook."

- Jo Hodgson,Theatreview

Our Chef and his talented friends will tell three fairytale stories made up during each performance, accompanied by some catchy songs kids will know and love. Kids choose their favourite ingredients – from our spread of classic and popular options – which form the characters of each tale, making each story unique for the children watching. In following the recipe, there are lots of opportunities to contribute interactively. Fairytales have morals and lessons, and so will ours; a skeleton might learn the value of friendship or a Genius could overcome their fear. It’s all up to you.

Production Team


Jason Geary


Kira Josephson


Aaron Blackledge & Jen O'Sullivan

Music Director

Michael Stebbings


The Chef

Charlotte Thomas


Jonathan James


Jonny Ogg


Andy Skelly

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