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Workshops & Coaching

I’m in the process of developing workshops with Fricative Theatre. Until then, I am doing one-on-one coaching focusing on the athleticism of contemporary texts. I believe that the best stories celebrate the contradictions of humanity while creating a cherished memory for all audiences. I aspire to ground every rehearsal room with my attention to detail and trust that pursuit of the writer’s intentions are the ultimate path toward great storytelling.


If you have a monologue, scene, or song that you want to work, I’d love to see it. Please get in touch with the form below

Aaron takes a very positive approach to direction and shows great belief in his actors and colleagues. He is always welcoming of contributions, and has a strong ability to incorporate the ideas of others into his overall vision. As an actor I felt that my perspective was heard and valued.

Aaron is very respectful of other disciplines and keen to learn from colleagues in order to create an environment that is productive for all. When working with him in the capacity of musical director, rehearsal plans were often adapted according to music requirements and I always knew that I would have his support. I highly recommend Aaron.

Lauren Simpkins - Actor and Musical Director

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